Mugunghwa Hall, Hoam Faculty House Convention Center, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea


      -   From Incheon International Airport

            Board the limousine bus line number 6017 at gate 6B or 13A.

               You can directly reach at Hoam Faculty House.

               Fare is 15,000 Won and it will take one and a half hours.

               Allocation interval is about 30 to 40 minutes.


  -   From Gimpo International Airport

       Take the "#6003 Airport limousine bus" at the Bus terminal #6, near the gate #1. The bus will depart every 20 minutes.

              Fare is 4,000 Won.

              Get off at the Bongcheon station and take taxi.Ask taxi to take to Ho-Am faculty house. It will take 15 minutes.


       -   By taxi

               Ask taxi driver to take you to Hoam Faculty House at the rear gate of Seoul National University.

               Show below card to the driver if he/she connot understand what you say.

             It will cost 70,000 Won from Incheon International Airport, or 20,000 Won from Seoul train station.

               You can also reach Hoam Faculty House at Nakseongdae subway station. Exit 5, 6, 7, or 8 gate of the station and take a taxi.

              And then ask taxi driver to take to Hoam faculty house. Cost will be 4,000 Won.


       -   From Nakseongdae Station on Seoul subway line number 2 (green line)

               Exit at gate 4 of Nakseongdae station

               After exit at gate 4, turn left at first corner and go straight one block.

               Board Village bus number 02 in front of bakery.